August 19, 2022

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Rectal Most cancers: Signs, Causes & Remedy – Dr. Sandeep Nayak

We’re all conversant in the phrase most cancers. It’s a harmful and life-threatening illness. Being recognized with most cancers can take a bodily and psychological toll on you. 

Rectal most cancers is usually present in males, and it is important to hunt remedy as quickly as you begin seeing any signs as a result of it may be prevented if detected earlier.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak discusses rectal most cancers, its signs, and coverings on this article.

When most cancers cells develop within the rectum, it’s referred to as rectal most cancers. The rectum is a chamber positioned between your colon and anus. 

Rectal most cancers impacts each men and women. Nonetheless, males are extra vulnerable to growing it. Folks recognized with rectal most cancers are usually over 50, however it might probably additionally develop in younger adults and youngsters.

Dr. Sandeep Nayak is an oncologist who gives rectal most cancers remedy in Bangalore and has years of expertise treating folks with rectal most cancers.


Based on Dr. Nayak, the signs of rectal most cancers can embrace: 

  • Rectal bleeding
  • Adjustments in bowel habits, like diarrhea, constipation, or extra frequent bowel actions
  • Blood in stool
  • Slim stool
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  • Feeling that your bowel doesn’t empty fully
  • Belly ache
  • Weight reduction with out making an attempt
  • Fatigue or weak point


The precise reason behind rectal most cancers isn’t recognized. Nonetheless, some issues can improve your probabilities of getting rectal most cancers, says Dr. Nayak.

  • Age: The dangers of rectal most cancers can improve with age. 
  • Gender: Males are extra vulnerable to rectal most cancers than ladies.
  • Genetics: If anybody in your loved ones has rectal most cancers, you may also danger growing it.
  • Smoking: In the event you smoke lots, it’d improve your danger of growing rectal most cancers.
  • Consumption of processed meat: Consuming loads of processed meat can improve your probabilities of rectal most cancers.
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In case your physician thinks that you simply may need rectal most cancers, they could inform you to get some exams carried out:

  • Colonoscopy: On this check, your physician will use a tiny digital camera connected to an extended tube to take a look at the within of your colon and rectum.
  • Biopsy: Your physician will take a pattern of the tissue they assume is most cancers and ship it to a lab for testing. 
  • CT scan: It’s a screening test-taking X-rays and stitching collectively a view of your organs, tissues, and bones.
  • MRI: MRI makes use of magnets and radio waves to seize photos of the within of your physique. 
  • PET scan: Earlier than a PET scan, your physician will ask you to drink a dye containing radioactive tracers. The dye will spotlight areas of the illness. It is also injected into your physique. 
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Your rectal most cancers remedy will rely on various factors like most cancers’s location, stage, and measurement. The remedy choices are:

Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure for rectal most cancers will take away the most cancers cells. Among the surgical choices are:

  • Transanal endoscopic microsurgery: Throughout this operation, your surgeon will use a scope inserted by your anus to take away tiny malignant tumors out of your rectum. The remedy is useful in case your tumor is tiny and has not or is not going to unfold to different elements of your physique.
  • Low anterior resection: In case your rectal most cancers is bigger, you may require partial or complete elimination of the rectum.
  • Abdominoperineal resection (APR): If rectal most cancers is discovered near the anus, the muscle tissue controlling your bowel motions could also be harmed whereas eradicating most cancers. Your surgeon could take away the rectum, anus, and a portion of the colon in such situations. Your surgeon will make a gap in your stomach through the colostomy operation. The tip of the colon is sewn again to this opening. The surgeon will then carry out a colostomy to permit waste to exit your physique.

When your waste exits your physique, it’s collected in a bag connected to the doorway


Your physician will advise you to get chemotherapy earlier than the surgical procedure to shrink the cancerous tumors, or your physician will suggest you to get it after the surgical procedure to kill any remaining most cancers cells.

Radiation Remedy

Radiation remedy makes use of intense beams of vitality to kill the most cancers cells or to cease them from dividing or rising. Radiation remedy can be used mixed with chemotherapy.

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This course of makes use of drugs for reinforcing your immune system and enabling your physique to assault the most cancers cells.

Focused remedy

Focused remedy is mostly used for sufferers with superior rectal most cancers. Your physician will advise you to get focused remedy with the mix of chemotherapy. This remedy will goal particular abnormalities within the most cancers cells and kill them. Dr. Nayak gives all these rectal most cancers remedies in Bangalore.


Based on Dr. Nayak, a few of the elements rising the chance of rectal most cancers are: 

  • Age: Rectal most cancers will be recognized at any age, however most individuals getting this most cancers are older than 50.
  • Household historical past: If anybody in your quick household has been recognized with rectal most cancers, it might probably improve your danger of getting rectal most cancers.
  • Radiation Remedy: When you have had radiation remedy to the stomach previously, it might probably improve the chance of rectal most cancers. 


Based on Dr. Nayak, it isn’t attainable to forestall rectal most cancers altogether, however you’ll be able to attempt to reduce the chance by doing the next:

  • Preserve a wholesome weight
  • Common workouts
  • Keep away from the consumption of alcohol
  • Give up smoking
  • Get a balanced and nutritious diet.


Rectal most cancers will be handled whether it is recognized within the early levels. In the event you see any signs, it is best to search remedy as quickly as attainable. It could assist in the event you additionally tried to keep away from issues that may improve your danger for rectal most cancers. You possibly can go to Dr. Sandeep Nayak, who gives rectal most cancers remedy in Bangalore, for additional info.

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